This is TCO

TCO – The Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees – comprises 12 affiliated trade unions with 1.2 million members. TCO:s mission is to promote and defend the interests of these people in social debate and politics.

The members of these unions are professional and qualified employees who share a major responsibility for important functions in society, although in a wide variety of occupations. They work in all parts of the labour market, for example in the schools, healthcare, trade, the media, the police, industry, IT and telecom. Over 60 percent of the members are women. Approximately half of the members work in the private sector and half in the public sector.

Our tasks

TCO’s fundamental tasks are, together with the affiliated unions, to:

  • Promote and defend the needs and interests of the members in the social debate and the political decision-making process.
  • Safeguard trade union rights and freedoms.
  • Represent the affiliated unions in international trade union work.

The organization of TCO

The Congress meets every fourth year. The Executive Committee, which is elected by the Congress, is responsible for TCO’s ongoing operations.

The decisions of the Executive Committee are carried out by TCO’s Central Office. The Executive Committee consists of representatives from all of TCO’s affiliates. 

There are TCO Councils throughout Sweden in which the unions co-operate on regional and local issues, above all in the labour market and educational fields. A TCO Council may, for example, cover a municipality or a county. Students in higher education are also entitled to join a trade union. The unions affiliated to TCO together have over 115 000 student members.